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Find out what a Web Designer's salary is and how much can this professional earn

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Do you know how much a Web Designer earns? How would the Web Designer Salary?

This type of doubt is very common for those who want to work in the area. And I know it's difficult, to some extent, to find easy and reliable information about a Web Designer's salary. But before talking about how much a web designer earns, let's understand the current situation in the country.

[updated on 12/04/17]

What is the Web Designer salary in view of the Brazilian reality?

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I don't know if you know, but unfortunately the average salary for a Brazilian is very low. The Brazilian worker earns an average of R$1,400.00 according to surveys. This average is far behind first world countries and even some developing ones. But the earnings of a Web designer outweigh that. The Web Designer salary is around R$3,000.00. According to the nexus site, which has a salary calculator, this value is much higher than the Brazilian average. The average salary of a Web Designer is above 88% of Brazilian salaries. and that, according to the calculator, in the state of São Paulo. If we expand this to other poorer states, the salary web designer falls into the category of the richest workers in the country (as incredible as it sounds).

Why is the Web Designer salary higher than the Brazilian average?

It is a fact that the salaries of areas related to technology are usually above average, and in the case of the Web Designer salary would be no different. But many people have doubts about this issue. This is because this profession is relatively new. With the growth of some market sectors and advanced technologies, new professions emerged that did not exist until then in the recent past. Among these professions is that of Web Designer (or designer de interfaces web). It may be commonplace for you, but you can bet that the term and the profession are still very new.

Another point that sharpens this doubt common to “Galuchos”, and to those interested in entering the area, are the various factors that can directly influence the income of a Web Designer. The Web designer salary may vary depending on:

  • Company size;
  • the segment of the company;
  • region of the country;
  • company city;
  • professional experience level;
  • contracting system;
  • between others.

Unfortunately in Brazil we have a big discrepancy between regions. Therefore, the south and southeast regions tend to pay better. Likewise, large cities, such as capitals and business centers, tend to have better salaries when compared to small and countryside cities.

Another factor that can count in the question of salary is the company's area of operation. Technology-related companies tend to pay better than companies in other segments. A Web Designer can work in companies that do not have their services or products related to technology, but that have a communication, marketing, advertising or technology department. An example would be working at a bank. A bank's product or service is not necessarily technological, but they do need communication and technology departments to provide and sell their services.

We can also cite as an influencer in a Web Designer salary, the hiring system (whether it is CLT, or PJ) and also the level of experience of the professional. The more experienced, the greater the chances of negotiating a good salary. On the other hand, interns, trainees, and professionals at the beginning of their careers have less bargaining power, due to their initial condition, therefore being able, perhaps, to earn less than more experienced professionals.

Due to so many factors, a Web Designer's salary can really vary widely. But despite this, the numbers (through surveys and reports) indicate a salary above the national average.

Is the salary of a Web Designer higher than that of a Graphic Designer?

Yes, it is superior. On average the salary of a Web Designer is approximately 1000 reais more than a graphic designer. This compared professionals at the same professional levels, that is, a junior Graphic Designer tends to earn less than a junior Web Designer.

This is because normally areas linked to technology pay salaries that are always higher than the national average. In case you have doubts, you can check on the internet through quick surveys that Developers, Web Designers and UI Designers, UX Designers, Information Architects, among others, tend to earn a salary higher than the average Brazilian. And with Web Designer salary it would be no different.

If we take into account that even a Web Designer can work on their own, making their value. And also the possibility of providing services to foreign companies, the salary or monthly earnings of a Web Designer may be higher than the average presented here.

Thinking about all that was explained here, I recorded this video to talk about a web designer's salary and answer certain questions like:

  • What is the average salary of a Web Designer?
  • What factors affect a Web Designer's salary?
  • What hiring regime?
  • What is the position of a Web Designer's salary compared to the salary table in Brazil?
  • Between others.

In addition to data, I also tell stories that I have experienced, that is, I share a little about my experience in the area in addition to my opinion on the subject. I don't own the truth, but I believe I have useful information to introduce you to.

So watch the video below and find out what is the average salary of a Web Designer, what factors influence it and how you can increase your Web Designer salary. Check it out now:

[VIDEO] Web Designer Salary – How Much Does a Web Designer Earn?

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