Weekweb: Web-Oriented Design Week - Free and Online Event

The truth that no one has ever told you about being a successful Web Designer

Eae, everything is fine?

I bring you a novelty, Galucho.

There's an event going on that you can't help but attend. Especially if you like, work with Web Design or intend to work in this area.

I speak of Week Web, Web-oriented Design Week.

The Web Week is a free online video event classes on Web Design that will take place from 28/11 to 02/12. And that's enough click on this link for you to register for the event.

Week Web

And who is Web Week's nominee for?

It is indicated for those who are starting from scratch, or want to change careers and want to become a real professional Web Designer and who seeks professional satisfaction working in this creative area. However, you don't know where to start and you need guidance.

If you act as in a co-related area, such as Graphic Design, Webwriter or Web Development, and believe that it is time to give up the curriculum, update your knowledge by opening a range of opportunities when learning Web Design this content is also indicated.

If you mess with graphics software a lot, like; Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw but lacks knowledge of Design and Web I suggest you follow this event.

And also you who already acts as Web Designer and who believes that it would be a good understanding, and maybe even work with HTML / CSS and WordPress.

What you'll see in this event

You will know what behaviors, beliefs and actions you have prevent you from learning Web Design and becoming Web Designer.

  • You'll find out what skills enhancers are for working with Web Design. They are responsible for giving an Upgrade in your career.
  • You will also have access to a data collection related to the profession of Web Designer and market data that it is entered.
  • And you'll have a super cool practice class on planning and prototyping a website in Photoshop.
  • Not counting the availability of some extra content, and various tips that can answer your main doubts during the event.

So run there, sign up and attend the event.

Click here to participate in the Week Web.

The coolest thing about this event is the community that begins to emerge because you have the opportunity to interact leaving your doubts and observations in a field especially dedicated to it. Then watch the netúdos and participate with your comment.

It's up to you now. I'll wait for you on the Weekweb.

Until later!

Big hug!

David Arty

Hi I am David Arty, founder from the blog Chief of Design.
I am from São Paulo, Brazil. I work with design, mainly with web design, since 2009. I try to transform crazy and complex ideas into simple, attractive and functional pieces.