Victor Weiss, Visual branding Designer - Interview

Chat of the David Arty and designer Victor Weiss

At the Chief's Desk - Interview with Victor Weiss

Eae, everything is fine?

Today I bring you more super content. I did an interview with Victor Weiss.

Victor Weiss, Graphic Designer specializing in visual identities. He calls his work visual branding design.

In this chat we talked about career, about the market, brand design, creative process, design college, graphic design, content for designers plus tips for you to start in the area, how to study and etc.

Victor Weiss works with international brands and most of its customers are out of the country. We covered a lot about this subject during the interview.

I believe that all this rich content that Victor contributed to us Chief, during the interview, can help you a lot in your career.

Learn the story of Victor Weiss so you can capture various tips you can apply on your journey. So I strongly suggest you watch the video below.

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Agora pega o café, se acomoda e curte o vídeo. Confira abaixo a entrevista completa:

Interview with Victor Weiss? at the chief's desk

Victor Weiss is a designer passionate about creating visual identities, always seeking to develop intelligent, functional and efficient projects for companies and people seeking a differential in the market.

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