UX DESIGN: Definitive guide to the best UX practices

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If you study or work with UX, regardless of whether you have been working for a long time or are just starting out in the field, you know that studying is something constant and endless, especially when we are dealing with this subject.

That's why today I bring a review about the book UX DESIGN: Definitive guide with the best UX practices from the publisher Novatec.

The book is a work with tips, optical use cases, important about UX Design. It is suitable for everyone who works with experience and especially app and software design. The book's language is very simple and accessible, with this it manages to reach even less assiduous people as a subject

He, the book, focuses on reading and learning how to create friendlier interfaces, thinking about the user experience that that interface can provide, together with a pleasant design look.

It in no way steers reading towards far-fetched terms, focusing on programming, detailed metrics or design rules.

The main objective is to make the reader think. Think, when designing your interfaces, in user experience, in usability and in designing friendly and visually pleasing solutions. Regardless of the platform, the tips range from websites to native apps.

I really liked the book. Reading is very smooth, fast and succinct. Super recommend the book, mainly, despite the title, for you who are UI Designer.

If you are interested in the book and want one for yourself, visit Editora Novatec's website and guarantee yours. You will not regret.

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Book Description:

We want our UX to be great. We want to create great user experiences. We want UX to drive our business success with useful and usable software products. This book is based on the knowledge and training of Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman to help us build our UX correctly – in 101 ways!
UX Design showcases the 101 most important practices you need to know about usability and design. It's a practical reference for UX professionals and a shortcut to achievement for anyone who needs a clear and intelligent selection of principles to guide their success in the UX space. Learn the key principles that lead to great UX design.
Learn about best practices, including 'A good UX has a beginning, middle and an end', 'Make your links look like links', 'Don't use obsolete icons', 'Decide whether an interaction should be obvious, easy or possible', 'Test with real users', 'Making the most out of sources', 'A good UX for search results' and 'Show the user – instead of telling them'!

About the author:

Will Grant, who is a British UI/UX expert and digital product designer. He is an entrepreneur in the area of web technologies with over 20 years of experience in leading teams (and creating products) working at the intersection between technology and usability. After earning his degree in Computer Science, Will was a student of Jakob Nielsen and Bruce Tognazzini at the Nielsen Norman Group – world leaders in wearable design. Since then, he has overseen the user experience and interaction design of several large-scale web sites and applications, reaching more than a billion users in the process. Will is a “design purist” and is obsessed with building good-looking, convincing and user-friendly products that customers intuitively know how to use.


Get yours at: https://novatec.com.br

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