7 "lifesaving" tutorials from WordPress!

So you don't feel terrified if ever your installation "der pau"


Eae, everything is fine?

Have you ever tried to access a website and all you saw was a white screen? It's not pleasant at all, is it? Especially if the site you tried to access is that of your client's website.

This experience can be dark! Especially if it's the first time this has happened.

Although we've already spoken well of WordPress around here, even a cms of great quality like it is not free of such problems.

So to help you in these "crash" cases, we've awed some great WordPress tutorials that will help save your projects' lives from a "possible" zombie apocalypse. They are based on the most common blackouts on WordPress sites.

Check out the corrective actions for the most common panes in WordPress.

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Problem #1 - Lost password of WordPress admin and can not recover

By default WordPress offers the option to reset the password via the administrator account email. Just click on the "Lost your password" link located below the login form and then provide the email.

But the big problem is when you don't remember the email, or for some reason you don't have access to the page to reset the password.  So if this happens you will have to recover the password another way.

Tutorial indicated: How to recover WordPress admin password?

WordPress School

Very detailed article written by Bruno Rodrigo to WordPress School.

Problem #2- WordPress white screen

This is a terrifying problem that can happen for numerous reasons, ranging from a simple file upload to the server, to plugin updates.

Tutorial indicated: How to Fix WordPress White Screen Problem

WP Total

This is an article written by Lucas Tavares do WP Total.

Problem #3 - Your Project in WordPress is getting the message "Internal Server Error"

This is not a specific WordPress error, as it can happen to anything else that rotates on the server.

Tutorial indicated: How to Resolve 'Internal Server Error' in WordPress

Canal WP

This is an article written by Gabriel Galvão to CANAL WP where it passes 4 possible solutions.

#4 - Database connection error

The error indicated in this problem is called "Error establishing database connection" and means that an error occurred while connecting to the database.

Tutorial indicated: Como resolver o Error establishing database connection no WordPress


This is an article written by Jose Freitas do TWO MEDIA.

Problem #5 - The Fatal Error "Allowed memory size Exhausted"

This is a problem that occurs when we try to perform any type of action that consumes a lot of server memory.

Tutorial indicated: 4 ways to increase php memory limit in WordPress

wpmidia lab

This is an article written by Miriam de Paula do wpmidia lab.

Problem #6 - The site broke down after an update

This issue is caused by the incompatibility of a theme or plugin.com the latest version of WordPress after upgrade.

Tutorial indicated: Will my site break if I update WordPress?


This is an article written by Thaís Gomes Pagel to Masters.

Problem #7 – You just found out (good ly) that your installation in WordPress can at any time be damaged, however you do not know how to make a backup

The problem, as described in the title, is that you do not know how to make a backup, so just follow the following tutorial. Just don't take too long to do it, because you never know when something bad might happen, right? And in those cases only a backup can help you.

Tutorial indicated: How to backup WordPress with Dropbox

Canal WP

This is an article written by Sendy Lago to CANAL WP.


As I said at the beginning of this article, even a robust CMS like WordPress and supported by a huge community is subject to problems. No system is 100% stable, reliable and error-free.

However thanks to the large and qualified Web community we have resources, and tutorials like these, to help us solve most of these possible irregularities.

I suggest you add this article to your favorites for possible queries in the future. I hope you don't need them, but prevention is better than sorry, right? 🙂

Enjoy and share with your friends. They may experience some of these problems.

See you!

Strong hug!

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