Do I want scholarship is good? How to get up to 75% college scholarship?

Será que o Quero Bolsa é bom? É confiável? Será que Consigo desconto em faculdade de DESIGN? Como faço para conseguir uma bolsa?

Do I want scholarship is good? University discount

Eae, everything is fine??
In this article I come to answer a question: The Want Scholarship is good? Is it reliable? Can you use it in your design faculty?

One of the main paths for anyone to join a particular area is to take a college degree. I have a video where I talk about college, where I do not question (at least I try this, in the video) the realization of a higher education but the time to attend and about the wrong idea that some have to have a college is guarantee of employment, solution and source of all the necessary knowledge for a professional. It would even be hypocritical of me to say "don't do", because I myself have a college degree and intend to do some postgraduate and master's degrees.

And the issue of higher education becomes even more important if we take into account the culture of our country, of overvaluing it. That's why a degree becomes important at some points in your professional career and even a personal life.

Perhaps this overvaluation is due to the fact that access to university is still for the few. You may not notice this fact if you live in a large capital of Brazil (sp, BH, Rj, etc.), but the reality is that only 14% of Brazilian adults have reached higher education. Just so you have an idea, compared to Latin American countries, Chile has 21%, Colombia 22% and Costa Rica 23%.

Another important point is that often the internship is the gateway to the labor market.  And to get one you have to be enrolled in an educational institution.

So if you plan to enter a university, I suggest that before a pass on the Quero Bolsa website and see if you have a discount for the course and desired educational institution. You will probably find, because the site has partnered with more than 1000 institutions throughout Brazil.

And I can assure you that the I want scholarship is good. I say this because I myself benefited from the program to complete my course. I did graphic design and had discount on all tuition of the course because of quero bolsa.

If you do not know the project and/or the company, check below how is the Quero Bolsa system and prove by yourself that the Quero Bolsa is good.

Is Quero Bolsa good? How does it work?

The I Want Scholarship ( is a college comparison site where you can find information about courses, educational institutions, compare prices and still get scholarships to more than 1000 partner colleges. The website is administered by I want education, startup specialized in educational marketing, which offers the market solutions for universities to maximize their results and students find the best options for studies.

The company was created in 2010 by a group of engineers focused on expanding access to education and enriching the strategy of colleges through econometric analyses based on unique data. Among its investors are some of the biggest names in the Brazilian internet, such as Romero Rodrigues, founder of Buscapé, and Julio Vasconcellos, founder of Peixe Urbano.

The service already benefits thousands of students, who can register and pre-enroll online to ensure discounts of up to 75% by the end of the course. On the other hand, partner institutions disclose vacancies on the site and also have all the experience of Quero Educação to optimize their strategy of attracting students, occupying their idle vacancies and increasing the profitability of their business.

How do I get a discount on the Quero Bolsa?

The process is very simple. Just follow the step by step:

  1. Access the Quero Bolsa website;
  2. Search for the course you want or the faculty of your choice;
  3. Choose a scholarship available at the partner institution that fits your goals and budget;
  4. Get the pre-registration and that's it.

Then just pay the tuition and present your college voucher. Depending on the case you will present at the time of registration, at the time of the entrance exam or re-registration. And done! It's as simple as that. You will have the discount until the end of the course.

I'm already in college, can I go to college?

It depends on your Facu. There are some who accept some who don't. Check with the institution if it is possible.

Do you have graduate courses?

yes. It also has discounted post-courses. Just take a search there in the I want scholarship.

What are the prerequisites for Quero Bolsa?

none! All you have to do is access the site and follow the steps in the previous topic.
And unlike other programs where you pay a fee every semester, need to go on meetings, etc.  The good thing about Quero Bolsa is that there's none of that. Everything is online and then you deal directly with your college.

This is one of the main issues that make Quero Bolsa good: it is simple, fast and without bureaucracy.

Is it worth doing the Quero Bolsa? Is The Want Bag really good?

Yes, it's effectively worth it. You can get a good discount without virtually any effort. The registration fee is not high and everything is done online.

I used it when I did facu. I received a discount during the two years of school. At the time the discount was very important, because soon after I enrolled in college I was fired from the company where I worked. The discount of Quero Bolsa helped me to enter the course with more tranquility, since I only got the job That I really wanted 6 months later.

I never had problems during my academic period. The discount came right on the ticket. So I agreed to create a post about the program. I wouldn't talk here about something i didn't have confidence and/or tested.

And for sure when doing a post, I'll check if you have my course and / or institution in Quero Bolsa.

So if you believe that now is the time to enter a higher education course, before anything else, I indicate that take a look at quero bolsa and see if it's feasible for you to use this benefit, bele? 😀

Strong hug.

See you later.

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