At the Chief's Desk – Interview with Illustrator and Designer Marcus Filho

Chief of Design's David Arty Chat with Marcus Son Designer

Yeah! Td bele?
Another special interview. Today we have On the Chief's desk o Designer and illustrator Marcus Filho.

Marcus is a designer and illustrator from Minas Gerais, responsible for some prints of the Chief of Design t-shirt store, as the following print, for example:T-Chief of Design

In this chat we talk about his experience in the area, about lettering and the differences for typography and calligraphy, about the market, clients, profession among other things in a very relaxed way.

If you like lettering you can't miss this video 😀

Check out the full interview below:

About Designer and Illustrator Marcus Filho

Marcus Filho is 24 years old, has a degree in Graphic Designer with an MBA in Strategic Project Management and also holds a master's degree in neuromarketing. Illustrator lettering expert and passionate about design, art and main lettring.

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