Creative ways to make your home office your own

How to make your home office work environment a more comfortable place

Eae, everything is fine?

For those who work in the creative area, having a work environment that inspires their ideas and helps with concentration is essential, isn't it? The coronavirus pandemic made many people join the home office by choice or necessity.

for those who are used to working as a freelancer, the routine may not have had as much impact, as for those who were not used to taking their work home, the change required a little more adaptation. But as turning challenges into opportunities is something very interesting, I have separated some tips for creative ways to make the home office like you. Let's check it out!

Choose a space you like

This is a tip that sounds simple, but very valuable. You're going to spend a good part of your day in the space, so it's essential that it be airy, light in and you feel comfortable in it. From there, you start thinking about how to make him like you.

In addition, delimiting a space in the house is interesting for you to understand that this is a work environment. If you have a specific room for him, great! If it is in the bedroom, living room or elsewhere in the house, it is interesting to have a defined space, physical and mental. A delimited, movable table space in another color and even a rug can fulfill this role.

Start decorating!

Thinking about objects and elements you like can bring a lot of personality and life to your home office. If you have an illustration or image that you like a lot, it can be the protagonist of a composition of paintings on the wall or on your bookshelf.

your favorite books can be part of the decoration. At a time when we are so attached to memories, making a composition of photos and images that recorded cool moments you lived will also bring a lot of personality to the space.

Do it Yourself

If you want to take a little more risk, you can join DIY to set up your home office. Painting a wall, mounting the bookcase or renovating and adapting a table are some options to make the place with your face. It takes more work, but the result of assembling something from your own space can be very rewarding.

go beyond physical space

Leaving the environment with your face goes beyond decoration. Lighting has a great influence on our daily lives, so allowing light to enter or having a lamp or a lamp can give the space the greatest grace.

Another nice tip is the aromas. In addition to a space that is always clean and airy, the aromas help to set the mood of the environment. Essential oils, for example, have therapeutic properties, with different functions such as calming, reducing anxiety and even helping with concentration.

It is also worth remembering that less is more and space needs to be, above all, functional.

Did you like the tips? A hug!

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