Read this if you want to be very successful on Instagram - Review

Book that shows you the way to the stones to succeed on instagram

book cover Read this if you want to be successful on instagram

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In this article I bring you a review of the book Read this if you want to be successful on Instagram.

The title is very bold, but actually conveys faithfully what the book is about.

This title is the new release of GG Brazil Publisher and is now available. Organized by renowned photographer Henry Carrol, the book brings tips and secrets from famous Instagrammers.

book photo - Read this if you want to be successful on instagram

In summary the book presents how ordinary people, nothing of exceptional or extraordinary talent, condensed their passion for photography, communication and expression, in stories illustrated by the photographs. Yes that's right, the big secret, in addition to good and creative photos, are the stories that these people tell through their images. So instagram was a tool that made it possible to join all these elements.

It's obvious that the book doesn't have the power to turn you into a successful instagrammer overnight, and that's not even the goal, but it can be very useful because it gives tips from recording your moments to organizing your feed. For example, in the Book you find tips for:

  • How to improve your profile
  • How to compose your images
  • How to behave consistently on the social network
  • Creativity Tips
  • Photo editing tips
  • Application editing tips
  • What posture to take on the comments of fans and critics
  • How to become a user suggested by instagram
  • How you can make money with instagram
  • Tips on what NOT to do on instagram


The book is a very well done guide for those who want to understand about the social network Instagram and how to use it in the best way. It is not an intellectual reading, but a quick, simple and practical guide.

It brings numerous examples, with different images and profiles, always with simple and direct tips and approaches. The book exceeded my expectations, expected something simpler by the size of the book and superficial by the title, but it is totally the opposite.

If you were interested in the book, you can acquire it on the Editora GG Brasil website (CLICK HERE).

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