Jakeliny Gracielly - Interview? On the Chief's desk

Chat from David Arty and FCamara developer Jakeliny Gracielly

Jakeliny Gracielly - Na Mesa to Chief

Eae, everything is fine?

Today I bring an interview with the developer Jakeliny Gracielly from FCamara.

Além de desenvolvedora a Jake também é palestrante de tecnologia e participa da organização de Meetups como o Nerdzão, the NerdGirls and the WordPress SP.

This interview is different because it was recorded in person, LIVE literally done in the company FCamara.

In this chat we talked about technology market, faculty of technology, professional positioning among other subjects. And we also talked about what the technology market for women is like. It is a fact that there are far fewer women in this segment, so an important part of the video is precisely on this subject.

So sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and watch this super interview below.

Interview: David Arty and Jakeliny Gracielly

Meet Jakeliny Gracielly

Development leader at FCamara and matrix decoder. Systems analyst and programming technique, has been working for 5 years on technology and development projects. She is co-organizer of communities (WordPress São Paulo, Nerdzão and FC Tech), enthusiast of cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Follow Jakeliny Gracielly:

➡ Site: https://jakeliny.com.br/
➡ Medium: https://medium.com/@jakeliny.gr
➡Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakelinygr
➡ Instagram:

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