Fundamentals of Visual Design

Learn the fundamentals of Visual Design and stop being just another "nephew" in the market

Eae, everything is fine?

In this article I will talk about a very important subject for your career. I don't know you have any notion of what I'm going to tell you, but the Fundamentals of Design are fundamentals for anyone who wants to work with Design and Visual Communication.

Studying and knowing how to apply the concepts and fundamentals of Design is essential, believe me. If you are already a designer, but do not master the fundamentals or are someone who works daily with visual communication, but knows nothing about the concepts ... Know that you are self-sabotaging and that you are failing to improve your work, and consequently, failing to earn more money and evolve in your area.

And that's what sets the "nephews" apart from real professionals.

Next I'll show you 3 problems that hurt you and that can affect your career and how it can become a great pain in your trajectory.

oh! And of course I will also show you a way to solve this issue once and for all and that you start mastering the fundamentals of Visual Design today. Are we going to do this? 🙂

1 - Are you a professional or a Nephew?

There are several factors that differ and make someone an amateur or a professional. One thing that differs from amateur professionals is the technical and theoretical capacity of the officio. And when we talk about Design and visual communication, surely a key point in this gear is knowledge in the fundamentals of Visual Design

While the nephew, who is an amateur in the area, creates pieces only by achismos, fads and not knowing for sure what he is doing, without using techniques and concepts suitable for each project, the professional goes straight to the point, firmly and safely, creates knowing what he is doing and what he is doing.

While a nephew stutters when defending his design projects, the expert is reassured to defend what he believes to be the best, because he studied for it and knows what he is talking about.


And when the nephew will charge for his work ends up charging cheaper, because he has no luggage to present with property what was done. A real Designer, on the other year, charges the fair price and will not shudder to explain the details of that project and why the value is in the investment and not a expense.

All this is precisely due to the lack of preparation, study and knowledge on the amateur side. I guess you don't want to be on that side of the coin, do you? So don't get in the way and study the fundamentals of Design. Allies of course to other knowledge, will bring support in your career and in your work.

2 – You have no confidence or security to defend your projects and ideas.

This is a recurring issue in the area. Mutias people, as much as they already work in the area, do not have the confidence to defend their ideas or to present a project. Much of this insecurity goes precisely through the lack of knowledge in the concepts of Design.

Often the person has even graduated, has years in the area, and still feels insecure. And apart from questions of personal and social fora, much of this insecurity stems from the lack of basic knowledge of Design.

And maybe you're weighing up, "But how does a graduate have no basic knowledge in the fundamentals of Design?"

yes, that's weird. However, if I tell you that more than 90% of students leave college without mastering these concepts. Many, or most, don't even know what it's about. Then it starts to have logic, right?

If you're reading this article and you've done design school, you should understand what I'm talking about.

That's the reality. So if you devote yourself to the concepts and fundamentals of Design, besides having more confidence to present and defend your projects, you will also be starting in front of several competitors. You bet.

3 - Just know how to mess with Photoshop, Corel Draw or Illustrator, it's not enough.

You know why I know that? Because I made that mistake early in my career. For a moment I really thought that Design was summing up to programs. That just i knew how to do cool things in Photoshop, for example, that I would already be successful. But reality, as you may already know, is not so.

Learning to mess with graphics software is essential too, that's a fact. But the vast majority for only that part. And you know why? Because it's easier.

You want to test it? If you make a challenge:

Immerse yourself in software for a week. Study this program for a whole week, about four hours a day, for example. Take a test, create parts, and so on. After a week of studies you will have a higher knowledge most and for sure will be comfortable to continue creating with the program.

This is how it works, but it is not so with concepts of Design. To learn and master the Fundamentals of Design you need to read, study, think, read a little more, analyze, read more, etc.

You can even know the fundamentals of Design in a week, but not dot them. So it requires studies and dedication and as you might imagine most people don't want to pay that price.

But in the land of the blind, the one with the eye is king. Mastering the fundamentals of Visual Design you will have a strong differential in your luggage. And it will be this differential that will separate you from the medians.

Thinking about it, and because I felt in the skin this lack, that I prepared a special content on the fundamentals of Visual Design.

For you who are starting or even working with creative projects but feel insecure to defend your projects I developed a course that explains the main fundamentals of design aimed at extinguishing common deficiencies. I have gathered years of studies, work and reading in this course in video and updated.

Learn the following the Course Fundamentals of Visual Design of the Chief of Design.

Basics of Visual Design Course

The Fundamentals of Visual Design is a course for you to be a Designer who knows what you do and with enough basis to defend your projects based on concepts and fundamentals.

Basics of Visual Design Course

With a differentiated didactics, the same one I use in my canal no Youtube and here in the articles, I try to provide the best learning for my students.

This course is suitable for all levels! It doesn't matter if you're starting now or already active in the area. The Visual Design Fundamentals course will help you and assist you in your projects by improving your skills.

And it serves you so much that you work with Web Design, UI Design is Graphic Design, even for those who just want to improve their perception and notion about the subject.

The course also offers direct support, a digital certificate, which proves that you have performed activities and that serves the complementary hours of your College, and the 7-day guarantee so that you can evaluate the quality of the content.

Classes are fully online and can be accessed by an exclusive student area and you can attend classes anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

What will you learn in this course?

The course focuses on the main fundamentals of Design. You will learn about:

  • shapes;
  • images;
  • textures;
  • shape;
  • Colors;
  • typography;
  • composition;
  • grids, among others.

And in addition to all this content, you will still get bonuses training:

  • Conversion Designer that will help you focus visual design on results and;
  •  Basic photoshop which is intended for those who are beginning to tamper with this tool.

And the bonuses don't stop there. In addition to these trainings you will earn packs to use in your studies and use in your work. They are:

  • Image pack;
  • Font pack;
  • Color pack;
  • Pack de mockups.

How do I get the Visual Design Fundamentals course?

To be part of our students, it's pretty simple.

Dress up Visual Design Fundamentals Course Pageand watch the video to the end, because in it I explain everything you need to know about the course.

Then just choose your preferred plan (you have the option to watch a video where I explain best about the course) and that's it. Welcome to 🙂

Once you confirm your registration, you will receive access data for the members' exclusive area, where the classes and bonuses are. That's why it's very important that you provide your data correctly. OK?

Go tolink to the page of the Visual Design Fundamentals course.

Now it's up to you

Learning the fundamentals of Visual Design will be a differentiator in your career and in your projects.

Even if you're not one of our students (I hope you are) don't overlook that part. Study on account, buy books, watch our videos on Youtube, don't stop.

And if you choose to learn the fundamentals of Visual Design with us, in a faster and more focused way, you will surely walk a path with more confidence to defend your Design decisions and be safe to argue your positions with your customers, partners and employees.

If you're still in doubt, watch the video I made exclusively to help you. in that decision.

Click here to watch the video!

I wait for you on the other side 😀

Big hug!

Until later.

David Arty

Hi I am David Arty, founder from the blog Chief of Design.
I am from São Paulo, Brazil. I work with design, mainly with web design, since 2009. I try to transform crazy and complex ideas into simple, attractive and functional pieces.