E-book Responsive Web Design Manual

E-book About Responsive Design for you to design Layouts that suit different devices.


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Today I have a novelty for you follower of the Chief.  And this novelty is the Responsive Web Design Manual E-book that you can download for free.

I started working as a Web Designer before the concept of Responsive Design appear. I went through the time when we built mobile sites with virtually no design and still structured with HTML tables.

The concept of Responsive Design has gained increasing importance in recent times with the growth of the mobile device market.  Just so you have an idea, here in Brazil we already have more cell phones than inhabitants. And that's not counting tablets and other types of devices.ebook-manual-of-web-design

More and more devices of different sizes and resolutions appear on the market. The application of Responsive Design for your website, your client's website or any web interface has passed a "plus" and is now critical to any web project.

Responsive pages are indispensable on the modern web!

The term Responsive Web Design (RWD) It's not that new. You must have read it or heard it by now. He's from 2010. Even having a certain time it is still a subject that generates many doubts, especially for designers.

For those who are Front-End and work with development, surely, should already deal with the concept better. There are many contents and books on RWD that talks about the code part.

But designing thinking about responsive sites goes beyond tinkering with css codes and/or queries medias, for example. Thinking about RWD is primarily a matter of usability. And just stipulate breakpoints in css this far from making a site meet different screen resolutions.

And make no mistake. Although i believe that a Web Designer should know HTML and CSS, not knowing these languages doesn't stop you from designing through the responsive design concept.


I've seen many Designers create responsive layouts without fully understanding why they were doing aquil and/or how the RWD concept works.

That's why the idea of my e-book is to show what Responsive Design is and how you can design layouts using this concept.

No Responsive Web Design Handbook I bring content focused on the creative and planning part of the project so that you (creative) can create layouts also with logic, rationality and thinking about the user.

So if you are interested in learning about Responsive Design go to the link below and download the e-book Responsive Web Design Manual.

Click here to download the Responsive Web Design Manual e-book

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