Design for social networks - What is Social Media Design?

What is Social Media Design? How can you work in this area? How much do you make? Where to work?

Social Media Design - Design for Social Media

Eae, everything is fine?

Let's talk aboutDesign for Social Media?

I don't know if you've noticed, I believe so, but social networks have totally changed our lives. In the present day, virtually everyone, taking away a minority, uses and abuses social networks. We use them every day and have completely changed the way we relate to other people.

But it doesn't stop there, they've also totally changed the way we relate to companies, products and services.

And more than just fun and spending time, social networks can be part of a lucrative business for you. You who work with creation can offer design services for social networks.

Below we will understand how this works and how you can benefit.

What is Social Media Design?

Design for social network, or Social Media Design, is the application of digital design, derived from graphic design, for the creation of arts and content for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and etc.

This is an area that unites so much knowledge in design visual strategic design.

That's why you'll need knowledge in:

  • Design: typography,color, gestalt,grid,etc.
  • Tools and software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Adobe's exclusive social media software, Adobe Spark.
  • Strategic: meet the target audience, align business strategies, digital marketing, design thinking,etc.
  • Social network: how each social network works, which type of media performs best, in what formats and sizes to create for those networks, among others.

It may seem like a lot of things, but in fact all of these are skills that normally any other function that works with communication and digital design requires.

If you devote yourself, all this is less complex than it seems.

How to work with Design for Social Media?

There are several points about design for social networks and one of the main ones is the way of working. You can work creating single gear or closing gear packages for a particular customer.

You can, for example, close a monthly package with a certain number of gears for a customer. With this you guarantee a month of work in addition to retaining your client.

Também existe uma outra possibilidade de assumir total gerenciamento das redes sociais do seu cliente. Nesse caso, além do design para redes sociais, também entraria outras partes como estratégias, anúncios e copywriting.

How much can I earn working with Design for Social Media?

The amount you can earn will depend on how you offer your services and also how long and customers you want to work.

In single gear, usually the minimum would be R$ 50.00, depending, of course, on the art in question.

For monthly plans you could determine a number of arts per week, for example 4 arts totaling 16 arts in the month, and charging amounts from R $ 400.00.

In the case of total management of the networks, the price would rise and the values could start from R$ 2000.00.

Obviamente tudo isso deve ser relativizado e analisado caso a caso. Esses valores são apenas um exemplo e podem variar de acordo com o cliente tamanho do cliente, com a região que atua, com a sua experiência profissional, etc.

Where can I work with Design for Social Media?

This is one of the best issues in the area of design for social networks.

If you work as a freelancer, you can work from home or from workspace. You don't have to be present during business hours every day to create and manage your customer's social network.

However, there are customers who prefer you to be present, so you may act allocated to some company.

Now, if you work as an employee, there can also be two scenarios: acting from home, as a home-office, or daily going to work every day in the company.

How to get jobs or clients with Social Media Design?

O mercado para Social media Design está aquecido e só vai cair quando um dia, quiçá, as redes sociais acabarem. Como isso está bem longe de acontecer, então você tem área firme e forte por muito tempo.

That's why you can offer this service to any company that has, or wants to have, an online presence on social networks.

You can also act as an employee working in the social media industry, creating digital arts and ads.

How to start in the area of Design for Social Media?

Se você enxerga no design para redes sociais, assim como eu, uma grande possibilidade de melhorar os seus rendimentos, melhorar o seu reconhecimento profissional eu te recomendo o curso do Social Media Design do Viana Patrício.

In this course you will learn how to create design projects for Social Media that really work, in a simple and objective way. No stalling!

THE Design for Social Media course is 100% online with practical and direct content focused on creating graphic pieces for social networks using strategic design.

It is ideal for designers, creatives, freelancers, advertisers, agency owners, digital entrepreneurs who want, or rather, who need to leverage their results through social networks and through design.

What will you learn in the course?

The Social Media Design course brings practical and direct content with a focus on creating graphic pieces for social networks using strategic design. The course is suitable for designers and digital marketing agency owners who wish to leverage their results through design. Within the course you will learn:

  • Strategic design
  • use of colors
  • Diagramming
  • composition
  • Portfolio Presentation
  • Commercial stance
  • How and how much to charge
  • Export file to web
  • Downloadable support materials
  • Facebook Ads
  • and much, much more...

Course content is approximately 7 hours long. The programs used in the course are: Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

What is the Course Guarantee?

You can rest assured, because the risk is all the way to the producer.

Se você por algum motivo não quiser mais o curso, o Viana vai devolver 100% do seu dinheiro de volta. Sem enrolação, basta me mandar um e-mail e pronto.

Social Media Design Course - 7-Day Guarantee

Do you have a certificate?

Yes, When you complete the course and present the proposed activities, you will receive a certificate of DESIGN SPECIALIST FOR SOCIAL MEDIA.

Is the Social Media Design course worth it?

If you want to act in the area and is starting now. Or if you already work but still do not feel well prepared and are insecure about your work, yes this course is for you.

O curso é ministrado pelo Viana Patrício, Profissional de destaque dentro do maior portfólio de criativos do mundo, o Behance.

With the Social Media Design course you can leverage your professional earnings and enhance your professional career.

Access the Social Media Design online course now by clicking on this link. Confira mais sobre o curso e alguns projetos realizado por alunos do curso.

Final considerations

Working with design for social networks can be a great path for a designer who wants to work with creation. And not only that. This is also an excellent opportunity for financial gains, as the demand for content on social networks only grows.

Just to get an idea, according to research, 62% of our population is connected through social networks and the 5 most downloaded apps in Brazil in 2017, 4 are social interaction.

It's a simple account: people using social networks + companies increasingly investing money in social networks = JOB AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES for you designer and creative.

And if you've noticed this opportunity that's there for you, I suggest you start the right way that you're studying and improving.

For this I indicate the curso Social Media Design do Viana Patrício (CLIQUE AQUI PARA SABER MAIS).

To finish, I leave here a video where I talk about area, opportunities and how to enter this segment. Watch the video below and ask your questions!

Until later.

Strong hug.

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