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Review on the book Editorial Design by Cath Caldwell and Yolanda Zappaterra


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Today I bring you a review of another work for you as a designer to study and learn. I bring in this article a review about thebook Editorial Design by Cath Caldwell and Yolanda Zappaterra.

The subject of the book is extremely important for any designer who works with visual communication, be it a web designer or a graphic designer, for example. This is because diagramming applied in the right way can help in the creation of prints to digital, as in the creation of websites, images for social networks, posters, business cards and so on.

Next we'll talk about the book. Here we go.

Editorial Design Book – Newspapers and Magazines/ Printed and Digital Media

The Editorial Design book is very good. It is didactic, simple, easy to read and understand and something very important: it is current. The book talks about print media, but also a lot about digital media. And not only speaks, but also brings practical examples.

Editorial Design brings very significant information for the production of magazines, newspapers and periodicals, whether electronic or printed.

A highlight of the book is that it simply presents the fundamentals of editorial design and some basic design principles such as typography, color and grid, as well as presenting and defining issues such as art direction and layout.


The work also proposes exercises for you to apply the concepts presented.

And something I thought was really cool about the book is that it literally starts from the beginning, talking about briefing, explaining how to use it and from there start the project going through all the parts of a publication, from the cover to the content and back. cover. We can also see about other points of a publication such as hairline, credit line, subtitles, among others.

The Editorial Design in the Digital Age book, for sure, is a very useful practical guide to learn about composition of printed or digital pages.

Is it worth purchasing the Geometry of Design Book?

Regardless of whether you will be working with editorial design or not, the book will help you. I would recommend to any Designer. It is indeed a guide to editorial design, but above all it is a design book that teaches fundamental fundamentals for any designer.

But, despite presenting basic concepts, the book can also be suitable for more experienced professionals. He brings us visions about compositions that can inspire you in your projects. Besides being a book that can be consulted whenever there is any doubt about the subject.


If you want to learn about editorial design, this book will teach you about , presenting all the necessary principles you need to create graphic compositions, print or digital, in a cohesive, harmonious and beautiful way.

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Leave your comment below about your experience with the Book. Have you read the Editorial Design book? Did you like it? What's up!

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