Is Elements Gaming Magna Gamer Chair good?

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In this article I will talk about gamer chair for designer and if the model Magna from Elements Gaming it's a good one for people who work in front of the computer.

Just like a Gamer, a Designer is above all an enthusiast and, like any enthusiast, doesn't count the hours he spends in front of the screen experiencing the best color palettes, testing the best typeface, seeking inspiration, training his technique and also, why not, playing a video game and breaking his best records.

So it is essential to seek the best chair for your comfort and a gamer chair can be the solution, as they are created for players who spend hours in front of the computer. They are specially developed to optimize player comfort and avoid various health problems. And we Designers we can make use of this category of chair to work.

In today's analysis, we'll get to know elements gaming's Gamer Magna Chair up close – a great option for those looking to surround themselves with the best equipment and comfort at the time they're working or even having fun.

E fica comigo até o final, porque eu vou te passar um desconto caso você entenda que as cadeiras da Elements Gaming sejam uma boa opção para ti.

What is a gamer chair?

For newplayers, a gaming chair looks a lot like a comfortable office chair, only with a more stripped-down look, reminiscent of race car chairs. There are some big differences appear when you look closer at these chairs. The best gaming chairs benefit from additional research during the testing and product development phase.

They adapt perfectly to the morphology of the players and, thanks to specific supports, allow to avoid the premature arrival of various pains after a few hours of play.

It is not uncommon, in fact, with a classic chair, to see the rapid development of great fatigue and more or less severe back pain that can lead to a chronic problem. Due to its modularity and optimized comfort, the gaming chair is fully suitable for intensive use.

Every curve, every reinforcement, every cushion, everything is set with surgical precision to adapt to the players' bodies, as well as their movements during the game phase. The materials used allow to offer both a great responsiveness of the best gaming chairs, but also exemplary stability and robustness.

By nature, a gaming chair is subject to much more restrictions than a simple office chair, hence the special attention given by the best brands at each stage of the launch of a new product.

And a super important point to talk about is that these chairs not only used by professional players but anyone who wants a comfort and look in everyday work, in the home-office or simply for leisure. And that's where this guy can be useful for people who work in technology and design areas.

Benefits of choosing a gamer chair

If the best gaming chairs are primarily sought after by video game enthusiasts who can spend more than 12 consecutive hours in front of a screen, this type of product is also recommended for those who work a lot in front of the computer.

In the office, the best gaming chairs can improve worker concentration and slow down the effects of fatigue at the end of the day.

In addition to the health benefit, gamers chairs have a modern and stripped-down look, thus bringing a gain not only from ergonomics but also aestheticto your work environment.

Um exemplo clássico disso, e que entendo como ideal para nós profissionais, seria um modelo que transita entre o o clássico do escritório e o arrojado do visual das cadeiras gamers. E é justamente isso que o modelo Cadeira Gamer Magna da Elements Gaming consegue: ele reúne um visual que fica entre o clássico do escritório e o arrojado do visual das cadeiras gamers.

What types of gaming chairs are there?

There are different types of gaming chair, and before analyzing elements gaming's Gamer magna chair, we'll learn more about this world. It is worth mentioning that although they are called chairs games, they provide comfort for anyone who stays for long periods in front of the computer, whether working or playing, for example.

Input Gamer Chair

This model is usually the first to be purchased, but it is perfect for all casual or moderate players, hence its strong presence in online comparative testing. Its padding and ergonomics allow you to stay quietly in front of the PC for 1 to 5 hours with the greatest comfort.

The backrest tilts regardless of the seat. Each part is then adaptable to the will, combining to ensure the player a comfortable gaming experience.

In this category we have the Cadeira Gamer Elements Elemental Water (use the coupon CHIEF10 to get 10% off).

Gamer Chair Elements Elemental Acqua - Elements Gaming

Intermediate GAMER Chair

At first glance, the differences between this type of chair and the previous one are quite obvious. Here we have an improvement in the finish and quality of the materials. The difference can also be relative to the level of the seat pivot shaft. The support points are totally different and thus provide the player with optimized comfort.

The stability and adaptability of the chair are much better. With an intermediate game chair, it is possible to play more than 8 hours in very good condition. In comparative tests, it is precisely this seat model that most often attracts the attention of players.

In this category we have Gamer Elements Chair Veda Nemesis (use the coupon CHIEF10 to get 10% off).

Gamer Elements Chair Image Veda Nemesis - Gaming Elements

Premium GAMER Chair

This is the top model in the category. Usually this type of chair has 3D seating and is often praised in reviews posted online by users. The best chair, made with the noblest materials and a look that suits both the players and those who want to use it in the office. It involves significant budget planning at the time of purchase, which drives away many buyers. However, it is a smart investment.

In this category we have Gamer Magna Chair (use the coupon CHIEF10 to get 10% off).

Cadeira Gamer Magna da Elements Gaming

A chair that has been gaining great prominence throughout Brazil is the chair of the Gamer Magna Chair of Elements Gaming. In Brazil, she will arrive to fight with the most top-of-the-line chairs on the market.

Let's together analyze the pros and cons of this Gamer chair model.

In its construction, the chair is mounted with fabric parts and leather parts. For those who have never sat for hours in a gamer chair, chairs that are just leather can get in the way of skin breathing. Especially in times of higher heat, it is necessary to try to keep the skin breathing, so having parts of tissue is essential.

In its use, it is important to consider the Tiling function of the chair. With this function, the chair can adapt according to its center of balance, thus bringing more stability for those who want to rest almost in the lying position. Because it has a good backrest angle, it provides support for those who want to lie down a little during the attacks.

With its ergonomic and modern design, Elements Gaming's Gamer Magna Chair easily compared to competing models. Equipped with headrest and very comfortable booster pads, this model has been highly praised by everyone who makes its use for hours during the day!

Its adjustable armrests and reclining backrest provide appreciable comfort for long hours of play. Despite some less solid plastic parts than the rest of the chair, the Gamer Magna Chair from Elements Gaming is performing admirably with this model.

A great positive of this model is the ease and range of adjustment of the arms. For users, the Gamer Magna chair can in addition to being adapted to the height of the user's arm, it is also possible to rotate it on the shaft of each arm.

Each component of the chair is thought to offer the best for customers. For example, even the emblem is made with Egyptian threads, which is a symbol of guarantee.

Is Elements Gaming's Gamer Magna Chair comfortable?

Of course, the main point of analysis of any review is the comfort you feel while sitting for hours in a gamer chair. In the case of the Magna gamer chair, this point is highlighted.

In its structure, high quality injected foam was used, the same as that used in lines of sofas premiuns. In its structure, leather pieces were placed on the sides and also on the backrest parts.

As long as it has a great quality structure, the chair promises to support people up to 150 kilos without compromising its structure. As one of the brands that offer an extensive warranty, this chair has a five-year manufacturer warranty.

As an extremely comfortable chair, the Gamer Magna chair features a large 50cm seat seat and also backrest. For greater safety and support of the column, it has a depth greater than the average in the category, with 70 centimeters in depth. The total backrest also stands out, with 129 centimeters total.

It is important that this chair is indicated not only for professional players – even professionals who use computers for other utilities felt very comfortable in this chair.

To adapt to any style of position, the chair has the possibility of changing the pads in the lumbar region and neck region, shaping according to the user's need.

On the manufacturer's website, you can know all the technical details of the chair:

  • Brand: Elements
  • Model: Magna Ignis
  • External material: Suede and pu synthetic leather premium quality
  • Internal material: Extreme density injected foam: 1200g backrest - seat 1300g (high durability)
  • Structure: Super resistant solid steel
  • Arm: 3D Adjustable | PU (polyurethane)
  • Base: Type star | Material: metal | Dimensions: 35.00cm (each rod)
  • Wheel: Nylon + PU + metal | Diameter: 6cm
  • Gas cylinder: Class 4 Anti Explosion
  • Functions: Rotating function | Reclining backrest | 90th - 155th | Tilt lock system
  • Slope: Multifunctional mechanism with 3 locks (superior to butterfly)
  • Cushion: Lumbar For better ergonomic fit and satisfaction
  • Measurements: 70 x 61 x 123 - 131 cm (length x width x height)
  • Seat Width: 60 cm
  • Backrest Width: 60 cm
  • Backrest Height: 83cm
  • Seat depth: 53cm
  • Maximum weight supported: 150 kg

Is Elements Gaming's Gamer Magna Chair good?

An extremely comfortable chair that adapts to people also bigger and heavier, for its incredible support capacity of up to 150 kilos.  Elements Gaming's Gamer Magna Chair also earns many points in the temperature, as the main parts that come into contact with the body are fabric, which helps the sweatof the skin.

For those looking for a very soft chair, maybe this is not the best chair. Its dense foam is very suitable for larger and heavier people, a fact that catches the attention of these people.

It is also important to mention that the harder density of the chair makes it have a longer service life. The investment is worth it and people who have had problems with other chairs before will be able to easily recognize the benefits that this type of chair brings to everyone.

Below I bring you a heartfelt MEGA video review I made about this chair that I use myself every day both to work and to play.

Final considerations

Acquiring a good chair is essential for you who work, as well as me, all day in front of the computer. It's amazing how a chair can help in our productivity and comfort at work.

So buying a chair for you is rather an investment in your productivity, health and comfort in the day to day. And the gamers chairs is a very good option that unites comfort, ergonomics and design.

In this theme, from chair gamers, for sure Elementes Gaming is one of the best on the market and its differential of chairs in suede makes total difference to us who live in a country with such high temperatures.

If you, also like me, want to unite a beautiful look and design of a gamer chair, plus the comfort of suede, I strongly suggest you check out the model Gamer Magna Chair.

And if you decide to invest in this exceptional chair, use the coupon CHIEF10, no campo Discount coupon, to get 10% off. This coupon is valid for the entire website of Elements Gaming, for any product.

And do you also use gamers chairs to work? Leave your comment below.

Until later.

Strong hug.

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