At the Chief's desk – Interview with Bruno Croc – I'm a Designer

Chat of the David Arty of Chief of Design with Bruno Croc of Sou Designer

Yeah! Td bele?

Another video for the Youtube channel, another "On the Chief's Desk", this time with the Graphic Designer Bruno Croc, from Sou Designer

Bruno Croc is a graphic designer passionate about brands and creative entrepreneurship. He acts as a freelancer and owns the facebook page I'm a Designer, with thousands of fans and followers.

The Sou Designer page was one of the first to talk about Design on facebook, getting followers with virtually no investment in ads or things like that.

Na página o Bruno compartilha conteúdos sobre criatividade, design, publicidade, arte, empreendedorismo, mundo freelancer e também coisas engraças do dia a dia de um criativo.

In this chat we talked about Design, Art, hatters, freelance and several tips from Bruno to start that acts or wants to act in the area.

Now without further ado, settle in, grab your coffee and check out the full interview 🙂

About Bruno Croc Designer

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