Is Avctoris reliable?

Avctoris - Copyright valid in 177 countries. Is it?

Is Avctoris reliable?

Eae, everything is fine?

Have you heard about Avctoris – Copyright? Will the Is Avctoris reliable?

If you need to secure your designer copyright on a project, it is essential that you know Avctoris.

I've already talked about this great service of Avctoris, in another article where I talk about how to register a trademark.

The following you will understand what it is about avctoris and why this service is necessary for any creative, especially you designer. With it you not only protect your right, but also shows the customer your professionalism and that he is not beautiful with a "nephew" of life.

And I can already assure you that it is something with very good cost benefit and a mega affordable price. Unlike a trademark registration made in the PTO that besides being expensive is tedious, bureaucratic and complicated to do.

Are we going to meet Avctoris? Is Avctoris reliable?

What is Avctoris?

A avctoris (it reads "auktóris") is a startup focused on copyright protection and management of these rights. Through the registration made by Avctoris, you guarantee the protection of your works generating a proof of previous ity recognized and valid in 177 countries.

Avctoris' system is reliable, based on international treaties and technologies recognized by the judiciary in Brazil and abroad, thus making registration a solid and undisputed proof! With registration in hand, you'll have a digital proof to secure your copyright, protecting yourself from "smart" or malicious customers.

Avctoris is reliable because the registry is completely digital and auditable. So it is much more RELIABLE than traditional methods, such as on paper.

This whole process, in addition to meeting national standards, also strictly meets international copyright requirements (Berne Convention). With a strategic partnership with RPost, a global company that holds the Registered E-Mail patent, it can offer a guarantee of authenticity and integrity for content registered via the web. It's a digital proof you have on hand at an extremely affordable cost.

avctoris-certificate-of-registration - Is Avctoris reliable?

Here are the benefits of registration made at Avctoris:

  • Auditable proof, does not require expertise to validate the content;
  • You do not need a lawsuit to gain access to your original;
  • Date/time proof by international time stamp;
  • Totally safe (impossible to counterfeit);
  • Registered E-Mail (the same used by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the White House);
  • Valid in 177 countries;
  • No bureaucracy;
  • Ultra simplified form;
  • It is the only one that protects moral and property rights clearly;
  • Our CERTIFICATE is self-sufficient;
  • Very low cost (R$ 19.97 per registration).

What is copyright?

Copyright is a set of laws created aimed at artistic, musical, literary, scientific creation, logos, layouts, etc.; with the aim of protecting such works, as well as the author's right of exclusivity to benefit from moral and economic rights of the work or to cede them to the exploitation of third parties.

Copyright in Brazil has been present since the constitution of 1891 and there are several types of rights related to the exploitation of works, either by the author or by third parties.

And maybe you're thinking, "But I have the original file. I have saved emails, whatsapp talk among other things. That's enough."

Yes, such documents may help in proving your copyright, but they are not enough. They can be challenged by losing any legal basis they may have in a lawsuit. The registration made by Avctoris guarantees you an auditable document and internationally recognized, including of course, here in Brazil.

Finally, it is also important to note that copyright is different from trademark registration. The copyright must be done by you who created the art, while the trademark registration can be done or not by the customer.

Copyright is something inherent to the author, since trademark registration is a license before the government for whom no one commercially uses the same idea as yours. If you want to know more about trademark registration, click here and check out this other article.

How much does Avctoris registration cost?

Amazingly, the record is very cheap.

Yes, I'm saying that you guarantee your copyright, protecting your right for only $ 19.90.


The cost benefit is well worth it. I bet you spend a lot more on fast food, right Galucho? So why not invest such a value to secure your copyright?

With a lower value than a pizza you can avoid bigger losses and headaches in the future. Unfortunately you can't trust that the customer won't misuse your art.

Think with me: it's much more worth investing a low value and having proof that it was you who created the art, protecting yourself and guaranteeing your rights, than making a dumb economy and being able to have problems in the future.

Is Avctoris reliable?

Yes, Avctoris is very reliable.

The copyright of Chief of Design and yes Designimador were registered by the system. That's why I can assure you that the system and the Avctoris company is reliable.

In addition the Avctoris system is very simple and easy to use and most importantly: very safe.

The whole process is online and uses a well-known and renowned payment system that is Eduzz.

How can I secure my copyright using Avctoris?

To guarantee your copyright, just access this link (CLICK HERE)

Then go down the screen and click the "register now" button.

avctoris copyright record - Avctoris is reliable?

Then just click on the "I have read, understand and accept the terms described above".

avctoris copyright record - Avctoris is reliable?
And continue the registration in a simple and easy way until you finish the order.

So you will have access to a copyright certificate valid in 173 countries in less than 24 hours and for only R$ 19.90.

Below I leave a video I recorded to show the step by step how can make your registration the correct way. It's pretty simple. Check:


A Avctoris is reliable, as well as your record. Registering copyright is important for any creative. And this record you can make before the customer even approves the project, as a way to guarantee their rights.

And it is very common to see, especially on social networks, some designers complaining about nephews (or amateurs in the area). They complain about the lack of professionalism, the work of questionable quality, the unfair competition with very low prices, among many other complaints. But will designers really behave like professionals? Do they value their work? Do they look after the quality of the delivery?

To be honest, most people who complain about their nephews have similar attitudes or simply do the same things they complain about. A professional Designer should start to change his attitude towards the market showing professionalism even before delivering his projects, be it logos, illustrations, mascots, packaging patterns of surfaces, labels, characters, ads, folders, etc. And for this we have the record of Avctoris that not only guarantees your right, but shows that to the client that you are a professional who values and takes seriously your work.

Unfortunately we who work as Design and Art, we know several cases of misappropriation, of plutogesis among other problems. Securing your copyright with a record at Avctoris that provides you with proof of priority, is very important to avoid headaches or even to go after your municipal rights of a proof that is valid in more than 177 countries.

So don't waste time and ensure your protection. Access the Avctoris website through this link and register your design project.

Strong hug.

Until later.

David Arty

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