Andrei Gurgel – UXlab – Interview? at the chief's desk

Chat of the David Arty and designer Andrei Gurgel of uxlab channel

Andrei Gurgel- At the Chief's desk

Eae, everything is fine?

Today I bring you more super content. I did an interview with the Andrei Gurgel from UXlab channel.

Andrei is UX/UI Designer owner of uxlab channel, where he shares content about design in general and especially UX Design.

In this chat we talked about UX Design, about the market, Interface Design, Web Design and UX Design plus tips for you to start in the area, how to study, which books to research and etc.

The subject UX Design is very much in vogue, many graphic designers even see in ux a possibility of professional projection and better gains. And that's no stop, after all UX is a very important issue for any company regardless of service or product.

And more and more companies are realizing this, so we are seeing more and more vacancies for UX Designers. So I strongly suggest you watch the video below.

So grab the coffee, settle in and enjoy the video. Check out the full interview below:

Interview with Andrei Gurgel - UXlab ? On the Chief's desk

Learn about UXlab's Andrei Gurgel:.

Andrei Gurgel holds a Master's degree in Design from UFRN (2014) and has been working as a Designer focused on interaction since 1997, since then developing several projects of digital interfaces for companies in Brazil and abroad.

Since 2016, inspired by his day-to-day as a Freelance Designer, he has produced design-related content for the UXlab YouTube channel. He currently works as a Product Designer (UX and UI) at Toptal and is a propagator of Remote Culture.

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