Portfolio Design - 6 MISTAKES that prevent you from making a Portfolio and hinder your career!

Here are 6 mistakes you may be making when making a portfolio. Watch the Chief video and learn how to avoid mistakes and create your portfolio

Yeah, td bele?

You have a portfolio or haven't you spent time creating yours? Did you know that there may be errors that prevent you from making a portfolio?

Yes, it's true, believe me! And it is very likely that you have made, or still make, certain mistakes when creating your portfolio. There are certain things that hurt us and make us postpone, and even give up, to have a portfolio. And I know that well because I've had some doubts too.

If you like what you do, understand that the portfolio is one of the best ways for someone to entrust you with a job. Keep in mind that a portfolio is essential to your progress as a creative professional. And as much as some might argue that it's possible to get jobs without one, in practice everything gets harder if you don't have a good portfolio.

In anotherarticle i talk about how it was important to me to have created a portfolio, even if simple and unfinished.

That's why I recorded a video to warn you about 6 common mistakes you may be making and thereby hindering the development of your portfolio and consequently your career.

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Now watch the video below and see how you can avoid these 6 mistakes that prevent you from creating your portfolio. Check:

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